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man. 03-04-06 19:26
This place is dead. At least the familiar places.

Moving on I suppose.
Scanning 100 slides... 01-01-06 13:23
this is break. 12-27-05 19:09
holy crap i'm bored. and i miss my kristin. i've paced the crap out of my living room floor. man i need more to do!
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threadless 12-03-05 12:24
It's the weekend and I'm about to leave for the printmaking studio. Man, I love studio.

But I thought I'd let anyone/everyone know that I have two shirts up on Threadless this week, and I'd appreciate it if people would go and vote on them. You'll have to sign up to rate the designs, but it takes like 10 seconds, so suck it up and do it. Thank you!

My Submission

My Submission
you'll die as you sleep 11-01-05 10:34
Hello November.

Well. This is probably the part of the semester I enjoy the least. The end is in a few weeks, I have about 10 studio days left per art class. I have a couple of sculpture projects brewing and I'm pretty damn far behind in printmaking. Yesterday was no good for getting much done on my gigantic etching plate. 14"x17" might have been a little too much to bite into. Either way I hope it turns out, and I think my professer understands how detail-oriented I tend to be with regard to my work. Our collagraph assignment wasn't much to my taste.

Tonight is my night class. Yuck. Barf. Choke. Three hours of torture.

And registration is today. I really want to get into a couple of classes that are full. Hopefully I can get a few overrides.

I really want to start working on a film project. I'm supposed to incorporate some sort of video in my latest piece for sculpture. We'll see how that develops...

It would be wonderful if I had a few days all to myself to work in the Art building on my latest sculpture installation. But walking the five or so blocks to Richards is so intimidating...

I need a sandwich.

And I need to get things wrapping up for my honors contracts. And my editions for printmaking. Yikes.

Have a good one everyone!
10-10-05 19:37
Well. It's been a few days or something. This week has been pretty busy for me. Today was the busiest day I've had all year. And it was mostly shit I've let pile up. Student bill, drawings, presentation, reading, astronomy projects. So yeah, I spent a good chunk of the day wrappin' all that up so I could spend some quality time with the girl I love.

Mikey and I went to see Blood Brothers and Coheed on Thursday. It was pretty dang sweet. There was a slough of douchebags, as I expected, and I'm pretty sure Mikey and I made a lot of people think twice about their chosen sexual preference.

Then the Blood Brothers came along to kick ass. And the highlight may have been when the majority of the crowd stood stunned after the ridiculous energy of the Blood Brothers' set. Apparently most people can't appreciate music that really works hard to tear you to pieces with its sexiness. Then Coheed came out and played like badasses for an hour and a half.

It was good.

My website is getting more and more traffice. This makes me happy in a really nerdy way.

By the way, Kristin is better than you are.
a story 10-02-05 22:06
Johnny wanted a tricycle. Maybe even a real bike, he thought. But instead he got a dirtbike. And a few days later he crashed into a tree.

Now Johnny is paralyzed. He may walk again, but not for a long time.

The End.
Holy crap this week has been a leaking bucket of rabid child-eating D E M O N S! I have two printmaking projects to finish for Monday (intaglio and aquatint), a six foot tall figure for sculpture crit tomorrow morning, a four page paper due on Friday, a freakin' concert tomorrow night, plus I had this ridiculous exam in my English 205 class last night. And apparently I don't need lots of sleep to stay alive, because I'm alive, and I don't sleep. My studio courses are kind of sweet, and while it's rewarding to spend 10-15 hours on a project, it's still a lot of time to put into anything related to academics. My classes are three hours long and most expect a minimum of six hours outside work every week.

I've got a few pictures of my sculpture on my website. Go look at them, bitches.

I pretty much felt like force-feeding one of my professors a hand grenade this week. I won't get specific (that's just rude) but I will post this lame analytical thesis that I came up with for an exam I had last night. Fuck!

The interior monologues in Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway and Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying reveal that our experience and understanding of the world is subjective and non-linear and that our attempts to create order from a constant surge of stimulus (images, memories, emotions, et cetera) cannot succeed because the mind itself works in an equally chaotic and irrational manner, constantly being influenced by a smorgasbord of personal experience, belief, and often illogical and eccentric thought. The monologues also demonstrate the inability of verbal communication to adequately express emotions and ideas, resulting in a universally shared depth to the human mind that is accessible only by the individual.

Anyway. Kristin and I are good at everything. Dancing, looking hot, talking, smooching, fighting, snuggling, and generally kicking ass. So I invite the rest of you to feel jealous because I'm in love with a perfect person and you are not.

Blood Brothers and Coheed tomorrow night. Fuck yeah. See you there.
God's Blood 09-26-05 17:55
Crap! I've got homework! That doesn't happen...

Oh well.
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